Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Procrastination at its Best

Okay, so yeah. I admit. I am not faithful with this blog thing at all. I tell myself that I need to get better, because what exactly is the point of having one if I don't use it, right?

So, effective today, I will try my hardest to post daily, but at the very least weekly. Mostly because I want to start blogs that are content specific, and this one is my general, curious self. I honestly think I may have a mild form of ADHD sometimes, because staying on track is nearly impossible. See I come up with a great idea of things I want to do or make, and it never goes farther than the idea. Or I will go as far as actually buying supplies. But I am so afraid of failure or that it will turn out horribly and my expense spent on supplies will be lost in vain, that I have the hardest time getting started.

Like I love to buy fabric. When I see an awesome, beautiful fabric, I have to buy it. Especially from FabricByTheYard. But I can never bring myself to cut it. Because once I cut it, I have to hope that what I make is worthwhile, because otherwise my beautiful fabric is gone. I know it is a sad, and my wonderful husband has even asked that I do not buy anymore fabric until I use what I have. Poo, I guess I have to now.

But all I need is a nudge, just a little one!