Sunday, April 17, 2011

Toy Society Drop #2

The Toy Society - Clovis
Today seemed like the perfect day for another Toy Society toy drop. We went downtown Baton Rouge to our Earth Day celebration. I tied Clovis the the fence that surrounds the Old State Capitol. There was plenty of people and children, so I know she was picked up quickly. Once I tied her to the fence, I walked away. My sister, KL, asked if I was going to sit and watch who grabbed it. I told her no, that wasn't the point. I knew she would be found, and someone would love her.

We continued to enjoy our afternoon downtown. M played in the huge Live Oak tree, and J and I lamented on how this would be the perfect place to get married. M wanted to roll down the large hills that surround the Old State Capitol, so we sat in the shade and enjoyed the beautiful weather and live music. As we left, we walked past where we had left Clovis, and she was gone :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Toy Society Drop #1

The Toy Society - Pinky
We just returned from our first Toy Society drop. We were originally going to drop Pinky somewhere in Thibodaux, LA while we were in town for my cousin's daughter's birthday. But I was afraid my original location wouldn't be highly visible and Pinky might risk being there a few days. We decided to go and find Ninja Snowballs (this will definately require another post) at City Park. We found them at Baton Rouge Beach. The area was covered in children running and playing in the grass, so this was the perfect spot for Pinky. I tied her baggie to the railing near the bathroom, highly visibly to everyone coming and going, and definately visible to the snowball truck. We walked away, much to the dismay of M. After a little while, "Can I go find her?" When I told her no, "What if I forget that we left her there? Then could I find her?" I chuckled and explained the the purpose of The Toy Society is "spreading love throughout the streets of the world". Then she asked if we could wait and watch to see who found it. I told her no, that didn't matter. Someone will find her and love her.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Well......Hi :)

I have noticed a trend here lately. I love the IDEA of blogging, but life happens and I completely forget that I have one. I promise to be more diligent about this blogging thing, and plan to start at least one more, a baby focused one.

I have just signed up to be a part of The Toy Society. I am super-excited to be making my first toy drop tomorrow. Pinky will be getting a new home tomorrow. I wonder who they could be? A little girl who loves bunnies, a high school girl that is holding onto her childhood, or a mom that needs a little pick-me-up for herself. I will watch The Toy Society's blog religiously until I see that she has a new home. Tomorrow, I will post information on the actual location and drop :)