Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pen Pals!

J and I have been contemplating starting a forum where people from around the globe can gather on the interwebs to send snail mail letters to each other, like old school penpals from our grade school days. We have talked about it for years, but we just couldn't nail down the specifics on how to make the whole thing work.

Tonight I stumbled across a website that takes our idea to a whole new level. While we were looking for a more traditional penpal type swap, goes so much further. Someone in the community creates a theme for a swap, and the couple that runs the site issues you your swap partners. The themes are awesome, and I love the creativity involved. As a newbie to the community, I am limited to what swaps I can join until I get good feedback (Flakers, as they are called, and definately frowned upon).

You are only allowed to be involved in five different swaps at one time, so that you are not overwhelmed. I signed up for my first five very quickly, and I can't wait to send my first letter/package. My first five swap themes are:

1-Sticker sheet. Send a brand new sticker sheet of any kind to your partner.
2-Weekly wrap. Send a postcard telling your partner your likes and dislikes from the week.
3-Souvenir Magnet. Send a tourist magnet to your partner (doesn't have to be local to you).
4-Penpal Swap. Send your partner a letter about you and foster a letter writing penpal relationship.
5-Big Fat Stuffed Envelope. Fill a 4x9 envelope to just about bursting with interesting things.

I can't wait to get started.

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