Tuesday, May 31, 2011

UrbanThreads.com Maiden Monarch Contest

I love UrbanThreads.com. I stalk their website for new embroidery machine designs, and have accumulated probably about a hundred. The problem is...I don't have an embroidery machine for my personal use. I use a Brother PR-600 at work, but not one at home.

Recently UrbanThread had a coloring contest for their 3rd birthday. They provided the Maiden Monarch design for free, and told us to color her however our little heart desired. We were allowed three different attempts, and above are my three submissions. The last one is by far my favorite. The winner gets $100 to spend on their site. This could honestly get me in trouble. I just bought over $50 worth in their Memorial Day 50% off sale. I can't wait to use my designs.

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